Your symphony of resource accounting

Changing the approach to resource accounting

Our own modern production facilities and a well-coordinated team of professionals have made ADL ELECTRONICS one of the leading representatives in the field of metering devices in Ukraine. Our goal is to implement the most advanced technologies to automate the daily processes of data collection and accounting.


Our modern facilities

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified production facilities have modern, reliable facilities and are highly coordinated across all areas. Nevertheless, we are always looking for new effective solutions.

The development strategy of ADL ELECTRONICS is based on ecological principles both in the context of ecology and in the context of building a business.

In order to guarantee consumers the impeccable quality of products, ADL ELECTRONICS has organized its own production of plastic enclosures, for which it purchased modern high-tech injection molding machines manufactured by HAITIAN. 

During the production process, the company’s audit checks every tenth case for strength, elasticity, and the permissible defect limit of manufactured plastic products should not exceed 3% (taking into account technical waste at the stage of equipment warm-up).

For the production of its products, ADL ELECTRONICS uses several types of high-quality polycarbonate from leading global brands (Mitsubishi, Sabic), which are classified as non-combustible materials.

One of the main advantages of in-house production of enclosures is the waste-free nature of this production. If a thermoplastic product is molded with poor quality, it undergoes a crushing process and the resulting material (in a small proportion) is added to the primary raw material. Thus, the production of enclosures is environmentally friendly, as the company does not have to dispose of plastic residues.

The key areas of production at ADL ELECTRONICS that guarantee a high-quality final product and a low failure rate are the areas of functional control, calibration and verification of metering devices. A special approach was taken to them when selecting and purchasing test benches.


The equipment and software for functional control of metering devices were supplied by ADDAX, the meter developer, and our partner ADD GRUP.


After careful monitoring, we decided to purchase test benches for calibration and verification from Applied Meters (Slovakia), a company that is a benchmark among manufacturers of equipment for metrological testing of metering devices.


After assembly, each metering device manufactured by ADL Electronics is sent to the functional test bench, where the performance of all functions of the device is tested, and after successful completion of the functional test, it is moved to the calibration and verification area to ensure the accuracy class.


Thanks to the technological information system TIS, which is implemented in the production and builds a route for each product, no metering device can pass the packaging area and be shipped to the customer if at least one of the route points has not been successfully passed.


ADL ELECTRONICS realizes that it is responsible for the success of its customers. Therefore, by implementing this system, we will strive to achieve a failure rate not exceeding 0.1% per year.


Why us?


SIMS top-level software is an intelligent integrated metering system that is a software part of the ADDAX system. This program performs such functions as receiving, storing and convenient database management, monitoring and analyzing the entire network with tools for managing disconnection and reconnection of subscribers, as well as further use of data collected from metering devices.


We use time-tested technologies, combining them with the best of the latest experience. We are the copyright holder of ADDAX technology in Ukraine, which is already used in more than 30 countries and is currently collecting data from more than 7.5 million metering devices. The ADDAX system is also successfully operating in Ukraine for more than 960 thousand consumers.

Gibrid RF+PLC

Combining two systems in one solution provides many advantages, such as increased data collection reliability, high immunity to interference, reduced equipment operation and maintenance costs, high data transmission speed, and increased security. Combining all the advantages of PLC and RF systems into one system makes a hybrid solution the best choice for many purposes. Such a system can help improve network performance, reliability, capacity, and scalability, resulting in additional cost savings in system operation.


In situations where PLC or RF communication is not possible or economically feasible, we offer point-to-point communication, i.e. direct communication between the meter and the upper level software. Our systems are integrated to allow the implementation of a 3GPP mobile data module (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA HSPA, LTE, LTE CAT M1) for further communication with the upper layer software directly bypassing the data hub. The use of 3GPP as an additional module will also significantly increase the level of data collection in extremely remote areas, since the range of an LTE network, for example, reaches 15 km.


We are a member of the large PRIME and G3-PLC alliances, which allows us to create meters regardless of the standard demanded by the customer.

The main specificity is that G3-PLC™ coexists with PRIME and with S-FSK IEC 61334-5-1 on a single platform, where switching between these technologies is carried out by changing the firmware, thus eliminating the need to replace meters and data concentrators.


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