The ADDAX IMS system offers a set of solutions developed by ADD-GRUP for use in the field of modern electricity metering technologies.


The ADDAX metering system provides data collection and processing, data exchange and some data analysis functions. The ADDAX system supports credit and prepayment modes, load control and load reduction, and quality control of supplied electricity.

Communication between meters via Bluetooth.

Communication in the global network between the meter and the ADL DC2S concentrator can be one of these channels:

  • PLC (Prime / G3-PLC)
  • RF
  • Gibrid RF+PLC

From the concentrator to the upper level system, data can be collected in any convenient way, including via the 3GPP network.

It is also possible to collect data from metering devices directly to the upper layer sites using the 3GPP protocol*.

* There are restrictions on the conditions for using the 3GPP protocol, such as the number of subscribers on one channel. For more information, please contact your account manager


Ensures compatibility with metering equipment and individual hardware and software components of AMR/AMM/AMI systems from other manufacturers. Interaction between the account and upper-level applications is implemented on the basis of the DLMS/COSEM client-server model using open communication and application protocol stacks.


The flexible and scalable electricity metering solution can be easily expanded from small pilot projects to large systems.


Allows you to detect and prevent attempts to steal electricity and other unauthorized actions. The use of data encryption and key management methods ensures secure access to, storage and management of information.


ADDAX equipment supports plug & play technology, which allows you to deploy the system easily and quickly, significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs. The auto-discovery feature makes it easy to manage newly installed equipment.


SIMS top-level software is an intelligent integrated metering system that is a software part of the ADDAX system. This program performs functions such as receiving, storing and convenient database management, monitoring and analyzing the entire network with tools for managing disconnection and reconnection of subscribers, as well as further use of data collected from metering devices.